October 2018

Social Media | Email marketing | Others



Total Page Likes (as of October 31, 2018): 405

All the current pages likes were obtained by organic campaigns in this platform. Also, the total number are the result of the merger of both PHP facebook accounts.

The graphic below shows the number of Organic Likes and Unlikes received by the account on the stated month.

The graph below illustrates where the likes came from. As shown below, all likes came from page searches and page post. A combination of organic and paid marketing will allow us to increment the numbers shown below by boosting not only page searches and likes on posts, but also page suggestions and others.



Back-end & Front end Development

Tabs & Templates Modifications:

The graphic below illustrates the tabs and templates modifications performed. These adjustments were based on research performed in other industry and competitors platforms. Also, a new tab was implemented [JOBS]. Information on this tab is directly link to the company’s website and contact info.

The graphic below is an example of a Job Posting. Based on Facebook regulations, all job posted will live for no more than 30 days. However, one of our weekly tasks will be feeding this job board with the most current jobs and boost them via organic and paid marketing.

Below are examples of some of the jobs already posted under this social media platform.

Once potential applicant is reached by one of the ads, he or she can directly apply to the desire job via this tool under the social media account, or it can get redirected to apply on the website app form.

The below illustration is an actual application from RN that received one of the ads.

This application should also have been received via email to:




Social Media Campaigns:

The following are some of the designs develop for the current and future campaigns for this and other social media campaigns.

They were developed as simple, but concrete campaigns in order to attract  new audience to learn more about the company and apply for open jobs.





Updates & Overview

Total Page Visitors (10-01 to 10-31):

The following graphic illustrates the amount of page views and unique visitors for the company’s profile page. It is important to note that no marketing was performed for this profile for the month of October 2018.

The following graphic illustrates the amount of page views for the discussed month.

Visitors demographics report shows that only 4 people from the Healthcare Services have visit and view the company’s profile.




New Profile – Linkedin Admin & PHP

Based on our last conversation, fake Linkedin account under the name of “Christopher Eales” has been modified to the one displayed below. This was performed in order to avoid private information going to the incorrect Linkedin account.

Before publishing updated information live, the social media platform requested us to follow a process to verify all updates made to this account. All this was performed and account is now live with a different name.

We have also updated all information on the company’s profile page. All information is aligned with the other social media accounts and the website. That is a key factor to increase organic SEO especially for all google platforms.

Below is an illustration of some of the front-end changes. However, back-end information was also updated.




Email Marketing

Updates & Overview

Total Campaign (10-01 to 10-31): 7500 emails approx.

The following is one example of email campaigns for the month.

Unfortunately, many of the email account provided are bouncing back which lowers the rate of effectiveness and flag the campaigns as [spam].

We will continue to improve this campaigns. Perhaps we want to use a different data base.


Projection & Goals

For November 2018


  • Grow Facebook follower to 700+. Having this way over 75% of audience growth.
  • Have an average of 500 active jobs on Facebook. Track and compare effectiveness from all different job campaigns.

New Implementations

Pixel by Facebook will allow us to understand how effective is the cross-marketing among this platform and the website.

Those insights will help us making changes to marketing campaigns and to the website in order to make both, the campaigns and the site more attractive to users.